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Screen Printed Batteries

Screen Printed Batteries
Gunter Hübner

Stuttgart Media University

Screen Printed Batteries

Every IOT device, sensor, display etc. etc. needs a power supply. If it is not connected by cable to a power supply, a battery or supercap is needed, preferably integrated into the device, and depending on the form factor, in the best case freely designable and most desirably flexible. Printed batteries and the corresponding supercaps offer this functionality. They differ significantly from standardised and rigid housings as known from AA, AAA or button cells. This course introduces the basic designs of printed batteries and their components. Components such as substrates, current collectors, electrodes, separators, electrolytes and sealants, sealing techniques are discussed in detail with their properties, requirements and challenges. Different electrochemical systems, non-rechargeable and rechargeable, are also discussed. Performance values are also shown.

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