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Wearables for Healthcare Applications

Wearables for Healthcare Applications
Charlotte Kjellander

TNO Holst

Wearables for Healthcare Applications

Wearable skin sensors or ‘the smart skin’ offer new ways for remote monitoring to support the accessibility to and sustainability of healthcare systems along the entire care cycle: from healthy lifestyle to screening, diagnosis and post treatment surveillance.

Recent advances in technology printed electronics, in miniaturization of sensors and in photonics, have significantly contributed to the wearable technology. All of these sensors can be integrated into stretchable, flexible and breathable wearables which can be worn during weeks.

In this Masterclass you will learn about the Vital Signs wearable patch – an open platform for measurements of biophysical read-outs as well as about its potential applications for remote monitoring for well-being and heath. What is more, we will share how next generation wearable technology platform can address healthcare needs. We will also address challenges on the road ahead concerning manufacturing, durability of wear and signal reliability.

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