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3D-shaped mechanically-compliant soft force, pressure, or proximity sensors?

3D-shaped mechanically-compliant soft force, pressure, or proximity sensors with ease of integration and good reliability data? Daniel Haefliger from Sateco Group presents its non-printed technology based on multilayers of moulded conductive silicone.

This is a unique technology. The sensor typically has a size of 10-40mm with a thickness of >3mm. It can measure forces in the range of 10-100 N with a resolution of around 0.1 N. The sensor can follow the direction of applied force for some 1mm.

Interestingly, the exact behaviour of the sensor can be designed and adjusted by controlling the spaces between the layers to suit specific application requirements.

The technology is reliable. It is shown that at room temperature, it experiences only 5% driff when subjected to 5,000,000 cycles of 20N force. It experiences only 20% drift over full scale when subjected to 100k cycles of 20N force at much harsher conditions (T range: -40 - 85C | RH: 0-90%)

In clip from Daniel's full presentation given at TechBlick in March 2022, you learn about some unique applications of this technology, including:

1- Collaborative robots: these robots work alongside or in close proximity to humans. They are not caged as are typically industrial robots. As such, they require integrated soft 3D sensors to measure proximity as well as impact. This Sateco technology is uniquely suited to this application.

2- Smart steering wheel: the moulded silicone force sensor technology can be integrated within the centre of the steering wheel. They provide soft touch input and still enable the airbag to be deployed.

3- Wearable devices: in this example, developed with Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO, they show how the sensor can be integrated into pagbacks to measure the load that children bear when carrying their bags

Join us on 12-13 OCT 2022 to learn more about this super exciting technology and how it can enable 3D soft touch and force sensors

for applicaiton info watch this video

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