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A Dry Multimaterial Printing Technology | Nanoprintek

NanoPrintek presents the world’s first “dry multimaterial printer,” a disruptive technology that transforms the printing of functional materials and devices. The current printing technologies are liquid-based methods such as inkjet and aerosol jet printers, which suffer from major drawbacks, including complex ink formulations, surfactants/contaminants, limited printing inks, and the need for high-temperature post-processing to sinter the particles and remove the surfactants. This talk presents a disruptive inkless multimaterial printing technology where pure nanoparticles of various materials are generated in situ and on demand. These nanoparticles are then directed toward the printer nozzle and laser-sintered in real-time to form desired patterns and structures layer by layer. The Key technology advantages include 1) on-demand and in-situ generation of various pure nanoparticles without contaminations, 2) in-situ and real-time laser sintering of nanoparticles on various substrates with no further post-processing, 3) multimaterial printing of hybrid and tunable nanocomposite materials and structures. This supply-chain resilient technology transitions electronics printing to a new realm where pure, multimaterial, multifunctional, and hybrid materials are printed on demand with various applications in the electronics, healthcare, automotive, aerospace, defense, and energy industries.



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