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A NFC Biosensor Test Stripe made with Reel-to-Reel Hybrid Electronics on the same Substrate

Speaker: Alan Wu | Company: Smooth & Sharp | Date: 12-13 October 2022 | Full Presentation

TELETENTO® has innovations in FHE and POCT aspects.

In FHE aspect,

●Integrated Printed Electronics from NFC antenna, MCU socket to Biosensor

All the major parts are printed R2R on same substrate.

●Precise FHE assembling

Up to 10 pads MCU chip assembling in R2R operation.

●Fine Line Printing

Line width/gap < 100um for MCU socket

●Possible with Paper Substrate

Verification of all production conditions with paper substrate.

In POCT aspect,

●Further Decentralization

via NFC smartphone, testers don’t need to come to hospital or clinic for medical specimen collection.

●Risk Reduction

no need medical specimen transportation, avoid latent virus spreading with contaminated medical specimen.

Used test stripe with medical specimen e.g body fluids can be disposed onsite.

●Quick Response

Test result is informed via APP, SaaS or PaaS.

●Cost Saving

No more costly medical specimen required transportation e.g. temperature control, time.

Let contaminated medical specimen stay where it is collected.

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