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A Platform Technology to Revolutionize Electronics and Smart Surfaces:

Nanomaterials, Inks, Coatings and Composites

Speaker: Ajay Virkar | Company: C3Nano | Date: 12-13 October 2022 | Full Presentation

C3Nano has developed a platform technology to empower a wide variety of electronics ranging from smartphones and solar cells to biomedical devices and transparent heaters and conductors for automotive applications. In this presentation C3Nano will discuss this platform consisting of the highest quality and scale Silver Nanowires (AgNWs) and novel Ultra-Nanowires with unprecedented stability and reliability, and its best-in-class ActiveGrid™ inks and coatings. We will also discuss how Nanowires are formulated into various inks and coatings incorporating our proprietary Nanoglue™ chemical fusing technology which engenders the best in-class solution coated transparent conductor; these conductive coatings have outstanding flexibility and mechanical properties and are compatible with a broad array of flexible, stretchable, and formable films. C3Nano will also describe a technology breakthrough wherein its new ActiveGrid™ LT ink series can be cured at room temperature incredibly quickly (~25 C for 1 min) to impart electrical conductivity to a variety of low Tg, soft, bio-compatible, and low-cost substrates targeting applications in life-sciences, packaging, displays, consumables, and anti-statics, among others. C3Nano will also explain how its NWs and Ultra-NWs are ideal conductive fillers achieving excellent conductivities at extremely low volume fractions (loadings) which opens up broad new applications and potentials in the multibillion-dollar conductive composites, conductive curable resins and adhesives and 3D-printing markets. Finally, C3Nano will discuss its some of its current commercial traction and how its technology platform is being used to generate smart surfaces and new functionality across several of the large aforementioned sectors. The ability to add electrical conductivity by depositing ActiveGrid ink as ultrathin layers on substrates, or by addition of low volume fractions of Nanowires and Ultra-Nanowires into composites, can unlock the imagination to enable new transformative electronics, devices, and HMI experiences.

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