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A Tool for Every Additive Electronics Project | Voltera


Jesus Zozaya For years, researchers and product developers have searched for tools that will help get ideas out of their heads and into their hands. About a decade ago, we began to see the emergence of materials that showed promise for bringing these ideas to life. The term “flexible hybrid electronics” (or FHE) gave a name to what was trying to be accomplished.

This growing field crosses a number of verticals and is utilized across seemingly endless applications, but there are still challenges that remain, including an incohesive value chain. At Voltera, we believe that collaboration is the answer. Since launching NOVA, our modular dispensing platform last year, we have been working with researchers, companies, and government agencies to collaborate and build a cohesive value chain. We believe that collaboration not only solves problems, but is also a catalyst for innovation. Behind every new idea is a team of people working to overcome obstacles. They are the academics researching new applications, scientists developing new materials, and hardware companies, like Voltera, who are developing the printing technology required to put your ideas into your hands.Voltera

Jesus Zozaya



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