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ACI Alchemy Conductive Inks -Enabling Next Generation Flexible & 3D Electronics

Speaker: Mike Mastropietro | Company: ACI Materials | Date: 11-12 May 2021 | Full Presentation

ACI will introduce to the world its Alchemy Conductive Inks. These high-performance printable conductors allow PTF ink like ease of use and processing with fired/sintered thick film electrical performance. The talk will describe some of the overall benefits of using these materials in manufacture of flexible and 3D printed electronics including:

low volume resistivity and sheet resistance

higher current carrying capacity

lower cost per ohm square in use

superior crease ability of narrow traces

formulation latitude from viscous paste to sprayable

Several examples will be presented including

3D circuit structures

high resolution traces

high power density busbars

reflow solder ability

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