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Advances in Reel-to-Reel produced Hybrid Electronics for flexible NFC, UHF and Bluetooth Low Energy

Speaker: Thomas Germann | Company: Identiv GmbH | Date: 12-13 October 2022 | Full Presentation

In Hybrid Electronics, the advantages of electronics based on discrete components are combined with those of printed electronics, in order to render new products at a price-point that would not be possible with either technology alone. Especially reel-to-reel produced Hybrid Electronics based IoT Tags promise to enable the Internet of Things vision due to their low price-point, combined with industrial reliability. The recent availability of single-chip Bluetooth Low Energy ICs in package-less form have brought about a vast amount of new possibilities, especially when combined with printed electronics based components, like printed batteries or OPV cells. In this talk, recent advances in this field are shown, based on real-life products, displaying the state-of-the-art concerning reel-to-reel produced hybrid electronics based NFC, UHF and Bluetooth Low Energy Tags

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