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Bectron® CP 6681 - Low-temperature silver paste

ELANTAS Europe has been developing and producing materials for electrical engineering worldwide for many decades. The Product line Printed Electronics expands the product range with electrically conductive and insulating screen printing pastes for membrane switches, In-Mold Electronics, and hybrid electronics.

Drying temperatures for silver screen printing pastes often range between 90°C and 130°C. For substrates such as glass, ceramics, PET, polycarbonate, or polyamide films, this is usually unproblematic. However, applications on temperature-sensitive substrates such as textiles, stretchable films, and low-cost materials are becoming more widespread. In particular, the new field of smart textiles and special sensor applications are significant drivers for new developments.

With the conductive silver screen printing paste Bectron® CP 6681, conductive tracks can be realized on temperature-sensitive substrates at a drying temperature of 70°C and a drying time of 15 minutes. In combination with the UV-curable screen printing insulators Bectron® DP, many new printed electronics applications are possible.

The silver paste, originally developed for polycarbonate, has already proven its worth in combination with TPU film. Printing on other substrates such as PMMA, ABS, cellulose acetate, PVC and many others is also feasible. The layer resistances that can be achieved are subject to a certain substrate dependence. The typical track layer thicknesses are in the range of 5µm.

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