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Cd-free Quantum Dot Colour Converters for MicroLED Applications

MicroLED technology is on its way to replacing traditional display technologies by bringing added value

propositions to the consumer market, including high brightness, excellent lifetime, high resolution,

and superior efficiency, with applications spanning from wearable devices, augmented/virtual reality,

and ultrahigh-definition TVs.

To date, challenges in scaling pick-and-place processes and producing highly efficient red and green

native microLEDs hamper microLED mass production. A quantum dot (QD) color conversion strategy

to produce an RGB display from an array of blue microLEDs is an elegant way to simplify the

manufacturing process and to overcome several technological challenges in the mass-transfer

process, the display brightness, and the driving electronics. QustomDot’s mission is to bring

unmatched colors to micro-LED devices through QD color conversion layers to overcome the

challenges above and facilitate market entry of miroLED-based devices.

Over the past few years, QustomDot has made a giant leap towards QD resins containing Cd-free

RoHS-compliant InP QDs. Our focus has been to formulate QD resins with ultra-high solid loading,

excellent shelf life, and processability, adapted for various processing methods, including

photolithography, nano-imprint lithography, and high-precision printing methods. In addition to

excellent processability, our QD resins result in QD films with high solid loading, excellent absorption

at the sub-10 µm thickness, and high conversion efficiency while matching, if not exceeding, the

reliability of commercially available InP-based QDs. Our talk will showcase our recent progress

towards optimization of our red and green QD resins to obtain color conversion films with optical

properties one step closer to fulfilling the challenging requirements of commercial microLED displays.


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