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Celanese | Time to Think Beyond Stretch in Wearable Electronics

Saeed Madadi

Celanese Intexar™ line of Stretchable, Washable inks and films have been the premier materials for transforming materials into smart garments since 2018. Since the pandemic, the adoption of wearable technology has taken off not only in fitness applications but also healthcare. As such the testing requirements and needs have changed since the advent of wearable technology. Learn how the Celanese Micromax™ Electronic Inks and Pastes team has been working with customers and gathering market data to understand the evolution and developing products to meet the new needs of the market.

Join us and the global community in Berlin on 17-18 OCT 2023. Lets RESHAPE the Future of Electronics, making it Additive, Sustainable, Wearable, and 3D. Explore the programme here


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