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Continuous Molecular Monitoring (CMM) wearables are the next step in medical wearables

after Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) devices

Speaker: Robert Batchelor | Company: Nutromics | Date: 13-14 October 2021 | Full Presentation

There is a clinical need for continuous monitoring of vital molecular biomarkers and drug concentrations. However, with the exception of venous oxygen and glucose, these concentrations are currently determined via lab tests. Lab testing costs valuable time, which is relevant for transient biomarkers and critically sick patients. Additionally, lab testing is intermittent at best, and requires infrastructure, reagents, and skilled operators, which aren’t always available in remote locations.

Electrochemical aptamer-based (EAB) sensors, invented and developed by Prof. Kevin Plaxco at the University of California, Santa Barbara, can be adapted for multiple molecular targets, are reagent-free, and work in-vivo, thus enabling on-body wearable devices. Nutromics is integrating the EAB technology into a wearable ‘lab on the skin’ to meet the pressing clinical need of monitoring molecular biomarkers and drugs.

In this presentation I will discuss the EAB sensor technology, how it compares with continuous glucose monitors, the advantages and limitations of the technology, and finally, the potential of Continuous Molecular Monitoring (CMM) wearable devices using EAB sensors.

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