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Copper pastes that outperform silver – make the switch: Higher conductivity, lower cost,

and superior sustainability

Speaker: Ofer Shochet | Company: Copprint| Date: 10-11 March 2021 | Full Presentation

The future of printed electronics is Copper. Conductive Copper inks are ushering in a new era of printed electronics, empowering ubiquitous conductivity.

In this presentation, we will review Copper pastes, which are superior to silver pastes and to etching techniques. These pastes are suitable for various substrates such as Paper, PET, PI, Glass, Aluminum, Alumina, FR4, silicon wafers and photovoltaic wafers. We will review different applications such as printed antennas, heaters, flexible circuits, PCBs, and displays. We will demonstrate that a very high level of conductivity can be obtained with Copprint’s Nano-Copper pastes while dramatically reducing costs and using simple, low-cost equipment and under-air processing. All our Copper inks are commercially available for purchase.

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