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Critical to Performance Metrics of Functional Materials for IME

Speaker: Erika Rebrosova | Company: Sun Chemical | Date: 24-Jun-22 | Full Presentation

  • 🚀 In-mold electronics (IME) are gaining attention for their promise of thinner and lighter weight parts, and less complex assembly processes.

  • 🔬 Advances in 3D formable and injection moldable electronic materials are enabling IME applications to emerge.

  • 💼 Multiple user cases have demonstrated the applicability of IME for automotive interiors, appliances, consumer electronics, industrial controls, deicing lenses, heaters and more.

  • 🌞 Sun Chemical has leveraged its long-time expertise in in-mold decoration ink technologies to develop best-in-class in-mold electronic inks.

  • 💡 Check-out the presentation below by Erika to learn more.

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