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Encres DUBUIT Completes Acquisition of POLY-INK

Encres DUBUIT (ALDUB – EuroNext Paris) announced on January 3, 2022, that it has successfully completed the acquisition of POLY-INK, a world leader in conductive and transparent inks mainly based on nanomaterials and/or conductive polymers. This acquisition positions Encres DUBUIT as a key partner for major Printed Electronics applications by combining nanomaterials technology expertise together with application engineering capabilities, said Chrystelle Ferrari, CEO. Encres DUBUIT advances its strategy to expand worldwide by further enhancing its existing strong portfolio with sustainable and focused touch panel capabilities.

With the addition of POLY-INK, Encres DUBUIT is now well-positioned to leverage its expanded customer base to create innovative biosourced solutions and substitute Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) in Sensors / Touch Screen / Flexible Screen / OLEDs / Photovoltaic Cells, said Pierre Blaix, Global Strategy Director.

About Encres DUBUIT

Since 1970, Encres DUBUIT’s expertise is high-technology inks and coatings dedicated to the industrial printing market, ranging from industrial marking and the use of functional inks. Encres DUBUIT serves the needs of global printers worldwide in sectors as varied as packaging, automotive, security, electronics.


POLY-INK, a French-based company is specialized in conductive inks. POLY-INK develops and commercializes highly-stable transparent and conductive through an innovative biosourcing process as a substitute to ITO (Indium-Tin Oxide).

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