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Evolution of touch surfaces - integrating decorative film, capacitive touch, and haptic function in

In the below presentation, Stefano Bianchi from SERISTAMPA SRL, shows a fully functional molded device made out of a combination of decorative film (in-mold decoration or IMD), printed capacitive touch film, and a haptic device.

This injection molded device integrates push button, rotary knob, two linear slides, tactile feedback, etc

It is an excellent and complex demonstrator, truely the advancing the art of in-mold electronics to integrate aesthetics, sensing, and tactile feedback

Note that Seristampa is a leading industrial screen printing company specialized in advanced interactive service based in north of Italy. To reach this level of technological capability, Seristampa has evolved from aesthetical overlays/decorative parts to capacitive overlays/IML/IMD to capacitive films/printed electronics/IME and finally now to haptic device combining also all previous functionalities

To learn more please visit Seristampa pages on TechBlick


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