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Flexographically Printed OLED Indicator and Passive Matrix Displays | Sinovia

OLED is widely known as the highest quality display on the market, used in flagship products such as high-end TVs and smartphones. Many of the early promises of OLEDs have been realized and commercialized, including their ultra-thinness and potential for flexibility. However, today's flexible OLEDs are still fabricated in much the same way as rigid OLEDs on glass. And most of the innovation in the field is still aimed at high-end consumer products. At Sinovia, we are using roll-to-roll flexographic printing to fabricate bottom-emitting OLEDs suitable for use in segmented, indicator, and passive matrix displays at price points that can compete with incumbent LCDs and LED assemblies. This is enabled by our proprietary materials technology and our in-house process, along with some key supplier partnerships. In this talk, I will cover our core technology, our development status, applications of our displays, and our future plans as we move toward mass production.



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