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Full presentation: Review of industrial applications of printed electronics

In the video presentation below, TechBlick reviews several industrial applications of Printed Electronics.

It is often the case that when printed electronics succeed, it is no longer called printed electronics! As such, many consider printed electronics forever a technology of the future without recognising the enormous successes it already enjoys.

To this end, we have prepared a presentation, giving an overview of a diverse array of industrialized applications based on printed electronics.

This existing and emerging applications that this TechBlick presentation covers include:

✅ Printed metalization of Si PVs (PERC, Topcon, and HJT PVs)

✅ Organic and Perovskite Photovoltaics

✅ QD-OLED Displays

✅ MicroLED Color Conversation


✅ PCB Industry (solder printing, solder & legend printing)

✅ Automotive industry (from occupancy sensors to seat heaters to 3D touch surfaces)

✅ Medical and Biosensors (from glucose test strips to multilayer precision biosensors)

✅ HMIs

✅ 2.5D and 3D Electronics

✅ Intelligent packaging

✅ Semiconductor packaging

✅ and many more

Scroll down to watch the full video and download the slides.

Online 29-39 March 2023 - digital and 3D printed electronics

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Full Presentation

Obviously, given the time constraints, we could not cover every application. It was not our purpose to cover every application, but to simply demonstrate the depth and breadth of the industry. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, or you want to showcase your application, please simply contact us


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