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Functional crystals meet printed electronics meet structural electronics meet automotive interiors?

Rafael Michalczuk howcases fantastic and beautiful demonstrators combining all these technologies. Here, in collaboration with PolyIC and Kurz, they showcase beautiful interactive smart surfaces with integrated functional crystals for automotive.

The embedded (hidden) electronics technology is from Kurz (based on PolyIC technology) based on its R2R metal mesh technology (10um linewidth and 100um spacing with ultrathin (100 nm) layers of printed Ag nanoparticles) together with their so-called Functional Foil Bonding, which enables these metal mesh films to be integrated on the back of shaped plastic parts together with decoration layers. This creates part with electronics seamlessly integrated within the curved or 3D shaped part

SWAROVSKI I provides the beautiful functional crystals which enhance the aesthetics but also allow for continued touch and optical interaction with the underlying electronics.


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