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Future of Screen Printing: Expert panel discussion with over 100 years of experience

Are you interested in screen printing of electronics and functional materials? Then the below panel is a must-watch for you, bringing you over 100 years of experience in the field covering all aspects from mesh to screen to screen printing machinary to screen printing of utlrafine lines. This panel took place in May 2023 but we are now making it available to you to watch on-demand

In the video below The panelists each give a short presentation [7min] introducing the state-of-the-art in the field followed by a lively and detailed discussion covering all the pressing questions in the industry.

  • Ron Hayden from RH Solutions LLC with a focus on Screen Printing and Auxiliary Equipmen

  • David Eisenbeiss from Kissel + Wolf Group with a focus on emulsion Technology, including the latest Laser Imaging developments

  • Fernando Zicarelli from Fernando's Consulting (formerly at Asada Mesh and now at e2ip) with a focus on Mesh Technology and Tooling

  • Erika Rebrosova from Sun Chemical with a focus on functional ink technology

  • Julie Ferrigno from e2ip focusing on on applications for fineline screen printing


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