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Hahn-Schickard | With Digital Printing Technologies towards Sustainable Electronics

Dr. Florian Janek

Printing technologies have several advantages compared to conventional electronics, e.g. printed circuit board technology, including a more resource-efficient use of materials. Especially, digital printing processes such as inkjet and aerosol jet are environmentally friendly and can be used flexibly. The processes mentioned are able to use a wide range of materials and functionalise a variety of substrate materials. Nevertheless, the question arises for which applications these processes are best suited? In this presentation, possible applications for printed electronics will be presented. The challenges of using digital printing technologies will be discussed and their strengths highlighted. However, limits of digital printing will be shown and factors for continuous development discussed. Despite good preconditions, there is also a need for research with regard to sustainability aspects. This will be demonstrated using a specific project that deals with the recycling of printed and in-mold electronics in order to recover the raw materials used for the material cycles.


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