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How far can a RFID Antenna reach biodegradability by using additive manufacturing? | Smooth & Sharp

Speaker: Alan Wu Company: Smooth & Sharp

The RFID business continues to grow.

The global RFID market is anticipated to continue to grow in 2023, according to several market researches, it projects a market value of US$14~15 billion in 2023. Retail apparel continues to dominate the UHF industry in terms of tag number and market size. The 2023 forecasts nearly 23~24 billion UHF RFID labels will be used in retail apparel tagging.

In the latest study series into the UHF RFID market, predicate UHF RFID label shipment will rise to 80~90 billion by 2028, with a 25 percent compound annual growth between now and 2026. All these billions of UHF RFID label are designed for single-use, they will be discarded right after customer bring them home.

Almost all these ten billions of RFID labels are made with etched antenna on plastic, a lot of pollution during chemical etching process and leave waste plastic after use. In this presentation, S&S will unveil the first and only ISO certified Biodegradable RFID antenna by using Additive Manufacturing



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