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Improving trust for connected devices in remote monitoring, with security-by-design technology

Speaker: Anders Strömberg | Company: Sony | Date: 13-14 October 2021 | Full Presentation

In this talk, Anders Strömberg, Director, Head of Wearable Platform Division, Sony Network Communications Europe, will discuss the issue of trust in IoT devices for remote monitoring, the challenges and some possible solutions.

Care providers need to monitor the wellbeing of their patients. That means staying connected with them wherever they are, whatever they’re doing. Most of today’s remote monitoring applications require pairing with cell phones or smartwatches, using standard LTE connectivity.

Healthcare providers are continuously seeking to increase the quantity and quality of information available, and to offer end-users more practical, timely insights. How can they do this while also providing solutions that are as easy for all kinds of end-users to handle?

The answer lies in the convergence of new IoT, telecommunications and AI technologies which enable access to rich data and allow service providers to develop new solutions; solutions that, for example, improve adherence to prescriptions, enable early detection of conditions like diabetes and boost the users’ general health and wellbeing.

Both service providers and end users show a high level of acceptance and willingness to adopt these new technologies in the pursuit of better health and health services. However, there are some serious trust issues when it comes to IoT. Although the risks are not new, concerns have risen to a new level because of the vast number of IoT devices deployed in the field and the way in which they are being used.

Against this backdrop, Strömberg will discuss the balancing act required to bring trust and quality of service together to enable the future of healthcare and put forward some ideas about how to provide access to more, better and diverse data that enables greater insights and tailored services.

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