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Industry Survey: The Future of Screen Printing and InMold Electronics

Industry Survey! We need your input!

On 12 May, we have planned a special workshop covering two important themes: (1) Screen Printing for Printed Electronics and (2) InMold Electronics. The event will include:

  1. Expert Panel on InMold Electronics: Proell GmbH, Covestro, Panacol, MacDermid, and TactoTek

  2. Round Robin Speed Networking

  3. Talks on State-of-the-Art in Screen Printing: Suzhou Maxwell, Sefar, and RISE Research Institute

  4. Round Robin Speed Networking

  5. Expert Panel on Screen Printing: RH Solutions, e2ip, Sun Chemical Corp, Kissel + Wolf Group, and Fernando's Consulting (ex-Asada Mesh)

  6. Round Robin Speed Networking

You can see the agenda for the event here.

To guide the panel discussions, ask the most important questions and raise the most pressing issues, we would like to invite you to fill out this brief and easy industry survey, basically sharing your thoughts, comments or questions. Here is the link to the survey.

As a thank you, we will offer you a 200 Euro discount to participate at TechBlick events for 12 months.


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