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Innovation in Luminous and HMI Surfaces

This video looks at the latest innovations in luminous and HMI (human-machine interface) surfaces. Forvia is a tier one automotive company with 150,000 employees and 300 sites worldwide, aiming to become one of the world's largest automotive technology companies. Their innovation team, located in Scotland, focuses on display and HMI product lines, advanced backlight design, and other next-generation solutions.

Forvia's ecosystem of startups that have been acquired focuses on developing the next generation of printed electronics.

Forvia's projects include working with car manufacturers on exterior lighting with large continuous limited surfaces and pixelation. They are developing large area dynamic lighting with functionality as well as decoration across the IP door panels and even into the roof liner. For the front of the car, they are working on grill elimination and brand lighting, combining backlighting technologies and low-resolution displays. However, their main focus is on the cockpit display.

The cockpit display is a large 3D glass panel with screens and other electronic functionalities bonded behind it. Forvia takes standard industry screens and combines them with lighting and other functionalities to create the perception of very large information surfaces while reducing costs. Forvia's light tile technology uses LEDs, printed electronics, and beta inside transparent polymers with optics around them to create homogenous lighting and backlighting of surfaces.

By putting the LEDs behind automotive materials and replacing them with Dynamic rgbs. Forvia delivers a dynamic backlighting light with a thin package, providing more space for passengers. By backlighting a range of interesting materials, Forvia achieves a dynamic effect with a small number of LEDs, delivering this dynamic capability at a lower cost and power consumption. They can integrate other functionalities like capacitive switching into the same electrical circuit.

Forvia's advancements in luminous and HMI surfaces provide exciting possibilities for the automotive industry. By combining different technologies, they are creating innovative and dynamic lighting and display solutions that improve user experience while reducing costs and power consumption.

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