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Joanneum Research | Sense your Future: your tailor-made solution using PyzoFlex

Gregor Scheipl | Marketing Business Development Executive

PyzoFlex® represents a smart sensor technology that can easily be integrated as an additional component in a wide variety of surfaces/structures. This allows existing or new products to be equipped with additional sensory functions. It is based on completely (screen-)printed physical sensors that react to pressure and temperature changes as well as to structure-borne sound (vibration). The core element of this technology is the electroactive polymer (EAP): P(VDF-TrFE), which we source in the highest quality from Arkema/Pietzotech. It finally allows the sensor system to be ultrathin (10µm + substrate), durable, flexible, energy friendly and easy to integrate –major goals for novel and innovative sensor systems.

The design (size & geometry and contacts) of the sensor is optimized for the specific application and the hardware required for signal processing and -transmission is adapted to the specific application as well (depending on e.g.: the deformation on the sensor as well as the integration of the sensor into the final product, etc.).

PyzoFlex® is therefore not an off-the-shelf solution but a customized system optimized for each specific application.


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