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Kent Displays | VersaNote: A Roll-to-Part, Flexible Electronic Device | June 2022

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So I'm here to talk about Versanote, which is a roll to part flexible electronic device. So thank you for allowing me to talk to you. Versa note is made by Boogie Board, which is a brand by Kent displays. We're experts in reflective by stable call history technology and our mission is really to redefine the writing experience through both technology and design. We've been around since 1993 and we have about 75 employees. We've been making boogie boards for about 12 years, and we've expanded our product into a variety of markets from if you're looking at the slide up or left hand corner as toys down through the middle as toys going back up through the center is educational products moving over to our job and dashboard lines, which are more general purpose to our versa note line and onto our Blackboard line, which is used for high end office applications for the versa note development. It's a little bit different than our regular boogie board. It's kind of a departure. So really our process that we use to, to, to develop it was based on the idea of let's make our writing surface flexible, and then we process through some feasibility steps, some prototype steps and finally scale up and then to manufacturing. So a little bit about the versa. Note Its functionality is very similar to the boogie board where the liquid crystal flows and response to pressure and reflects a bright line. But here the surface is flexible and also it electronically erases and is ready to be used again and again like a boogie board. And some of the advantages we think is it's it's a fun, unique writing experience that's that's different than writing on a, a tablet or on paper, because it can be used over and over again. We see it as a replacement for paper, and it can be used for games or notes or just jotting down information before you lose your thought. And from a mass production standpoint, it's made by clean room based roll to part processes. And here's some pictures showing some of the typical use of it for jotting down notes it has especially formed corner that allows you to pick up the device and handle it. And I want to draw your attention to the figure at the bottom that shows the stylus. It's a special stylus that if you you can write on it in one side. And when you turn over and use the end of the stylus and center that over the circular area on the versa note it will be it will erase and be ready ready to be used again as we were developing the unique manufacturing processes for making versa note we decided to offer these these assets and our expertise to others through a contract manufacturing service called Technical Services. So some of the technical services that we offer are we have about 12,000 square feet of manufacturing space that houses three clean room based roll to roll manufacturing lines. And we have a suite of chambers, as well as optical and dimensional metrology systems. The things that differentiate us from others are we do clean room based manufacturing and we do pilot to high volume. We have very automated manufacturing and we do product and process development. So for some things, we've had to bring in new processes and develop them. And we are based in in beautiful Kent, Ohio. Some of the manufacturing competencies I'd like to highlight are, are those that are used in versa note and also available to others through our tech services division is the lamination of optical optical optically clear adhesives as well as pressure sensitive adhesives, the printing of decorative and functional materials and even printing patterned pieces like the might be used for membrane switches. And then we have a variety of simulation options, which is how we go from a roll of film to a part. We do multi axis precision rotary dye cutting so we can print something and then die cut to that print. And we also do roll to roll laser cutting and and processing. And then we also have electrical assembly, low pressure injection molding as well as custom packaging. So kind of talking a little bit about the technical services process, it's really to listen to the customer, develop some plan to demonstrate feasibility, take that to the next step for prototyping and then scaling that up. Where you get to initial production and problem solving and finally to manufacturing. So that's a little bit about versa note and a little bit about our technical services division. I'd be happy to answer any questions or here's my contact info. Please reach out to me. I'd love I'd love to talk to you about either one. So thank you very much.


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