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Micro to Giga Scale: Different Materials, Processes and Challenges

Speaker: Denis Pasero | Company: Ilika | Date: 9-10 Feb 2022 | Full Presentation

Solid State Batteries are expected to outperform incumbent liquid-based battery technologies thanks to potential safety and performance advantages. SSBs have the potential to improve and even enable new application over a wide Wh-level range: from micro-batteries powering Augmented Reality smart contact lenses and perpetual Internet of Things sensors; to pouch cells providing safer and lighter power to cordless domestic devices and longer range to electric vehicles and new aerospace applications. Yet, after a few decades of R&D, the commercialisation of small SSB is only recent and that our larger format pouch cells still around the corner. This presentation will compare and contrast the various challenges and choices of chemistries, processes and engineering solutions necessary for the development of mWh level micro batteries to the full commercialisation of SSB modules at GWh level.

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Our next battery-related event will take place on 15-16 FEB 2023, covering

1) Solid-State Batteries: Innovations, Promising Start-Ups, & Future Roadmap

2) Battery Materials: Next-Generation & Beyond Lithium Ion

The speakers include: General Motors, Graphenix Development, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Fraunhofer IKTS, RWTH Aachen University, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, Meta Materials Inc, Skeleton Technologies, Solid State Battery Inc, Argonne National Laboratories, OneD Battery Sciences, VTT, Leyden Jar Technologies B.V., b-Science, Rho Motion, Wevo-Chemie, LiNA Energy, CNM Technologies, Ionblox, Empa, Zinc8 Energy Solutions, Avicenne Energy, Echiontech, South8 Technologies, Basquevolt, NanoXplore, Chasm, Li Metal, Sila Nanotechnologies, Quantumscape (tentative), Fraunhofer ISI, etc

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