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Multi-material /Multi-layer Solutions for Additively Manufactured Electronics/ Printed Electronics


Speaker: Chris Booher | Company: ChemCubed | Date: 10-11 March 2021 | Full Presentation

ChemCubed, a U.S. based manufacturer of materials and printing solutions for 3D printing / Additive Manufacturing, will present their ElectroJet brand solutions for AME/PE covering the offerings of materials (silver conductive and dielectric insulating inks), equipment (electroUV3D inkjet printer for electronics), and processes. The multi-faceted portfolio will be highlighted for differentiation in performance, economics, flexibility, compatibility and benefits to key applications and market segments. ChemCubed will also present examples of the ElectroJet brand’s resulting solutions to date by application, further understandings of unmet needs within the industry and emerging technology to address the needs in the future developments of materials and equipment.

Christopher Booher

Chief Marketing Officer @ ChemCubed


Chris Booher holds a BBA in marketing with over 25 years of business experience in the packaging and materials industry and is committed to growing ChemCubed’s leading technologies position in the 3D printing materials market. He has worked with multiple companies from privately owned expansions to Fortune 500s headquartered in the USA and Europe. His experience ranges from full P&L general management, sales and business development for application-specific technologies in paper, films, adhesives, specialty coatings and printing inks. Chris is focused on partnering with customers to fully embrace target driven solutions tailored to each company’s unique end-use applications and needs.

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