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Murata- MXenes for electronics and printed electronics

An emerging class of two-dimensional (2-D) materials group, crystalline 2-D transition metal carbides or nitrides (MXene), has attracted considerable interest in the past decade. Murata has focused on an electrically conductive MXenes, especially for Ti3C2Tx in spray-coated film state (18000 S/cm at 5 um thickness). The hydrophilic nanosheet with outstanding properties (conductivity, high surface area and versatile surface chemistry) is a promising candidate of materials for flexible electronics using an eco-friendly manufacturing process.

Swelling behavior of MXene by moisture is a roadblock for its applications in electronics. The interlayer spacing of layered structure is increased as stored in 60C/85% RH, which causes the degradation in electrical properties and the following oxidative reaction to TiO2. Murata has developed the concept of guest accommodation via hydrogen bonding to block water diffusion and demonstrated that it improves environmental stability in humid conditions.

On 2 Dec, at TechBlick event on Printed Electronics Innovatipons, Shun Sakaida from Murata will present the latest developments in producing conductive Ti3C2Tx in spray-coated film state as well as in managing the moisture-induced swelling challenge. This is a step forward towrads allowing industrial use of this material in coated and/or printed applicaitons.

his is an open free-to-attend event bringing together 25 presenters over two parallel live tracks, 30+ live virtual exhibitors and 400+ attendees from around the world in a unique virtual environment. You can see the full agenda and register FREE here

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a leading global (Japanese) company offering a range of state-of-the-art cermaic based devices and components including MLCCs, EMI filters, SAW filters, resonators, etc going into all manner of electronic and electrical (e.g., electric vehicle) products. Slide 4 offers a glimpse into their product range.


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