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On-chip Grade Quantum Dots for Future Display Technologies

Speaker: Kim De Nolf | Company: QustomDot | Date: 12 May 2021 | Full Presentation

Quantum Dots (QDs), the nanocrystals that can downconvert light with high efficiency, are on their way to revolutionize display and lighting applications. However, the widespread use of QDs is limited by two issues. As cadmium is restricted by RoHS, the use of cadmium-based QDs is limited. Second, the Cd-free alternatives deteriorate quickly under high temperatures and light flux conditions. At Ghent University a Cd-free technology was delevoped that can withstand these harsh conditions and can be used directly on the LED chip. This opens new possibilities for QDs in new applications which are being explored by the spinoff company QustomDot.

Kim De Nolf

CEO & Co-Founder @ QustomDot


Kim De Nolf is CEO and co-founder of QustomDot. She has received the masters and PhD degree in chemistry from Ghent University in Belgium. In 2017, she started a three-year post-doctoral fellowship to investigate the valorization potential of the research conducted at the PCN group, lead by prof. Zeger Hens. This work has led to the incorporation of QustomDot in January 2020. QustomDot is an advanced materials spin-off company and its mission is to realize the full potential of quantum dots by providing customized solutions for next-generation applications. The QustomDot technology enables the use of RoHS-compliant quantum dots directly onto (micro)LED chips.

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