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Perspectives For Electrohydrodynamic Printing On Nanoscale

Speaker: Aart-Jan Hoeven | Company: DoMicro | Date: 24-Jun-22 | Full Presentation

DoMicro has developed a printer (the DM50-ENP) with a novel technology for printing wires with nanoscale dimensions. The technology is based on the electrohydrodynamic effect. This effect enables a submicron additive technology, in which an electric field is used for pulling an inkjet into a very narrow shape. The effect can reduce the line width from about 30 microns, as can be obtained with industrial inkjet technology, down to 1 micron or less.

Applications are in various fields, such as displays, micro fluidics, batteries and photo voltaics. The presentation highlights the opportunities in these application areas, as well as results from trials with the DoMicro printer.

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