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Printed Electronics in Mass-Produced Medical Devices

Speaker: Nikolaj Eusebius Jakobsen | Company: Novo Nordisk | Date: 12-13 October 2022 | Full Presentation

Novo Nordisk A/S supplies nearly 50% of the world’s insulin for treatment of diabetes, and 34 million people are using our diabetes care products. On top of this we are also supplying medicine for growth disorder, haemophilia, and obesity.

In Device and Delivery Solutions, we develop delivery solutions, combining Drug, Data, Diagnostics, digital solutions, and devices to make a meaningful treatment for our end users. Most of our drugs are formulated in a liquid state, so an injection device is needed for administration. To make a link between injection data and digital solution, we need to integrate sensors and communication in our devices. Integrating electronics in the injection devices gives data directly to the user who can use the data together with a health care professional to optimize the treatment.

To get at true mass producible connected device, we have had a couple of projects with printed electronics over the last years. The presentation will take you trough a printed electronics project and share some learnings, opportunities and struggles in making a printed connectivity solution for a mass-produced medical device.

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