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Printed platinum and palladium? Really!

Klaus Mertens


Inkjet printed silver and copper can be considered “established” at least among printed electronics insiders – with their industry adoption starting to pick up speed. As a result, new variants of particle inks and innovations and curing have been emerging, which gives industrial producers a few curing options beyond brute heating. In contrast, the range of metals available for printing – esp. high precision inkjet printing, is still very limited. The talk will introduce two first-timers: printable platinum and printable palladium inks by OrelTech from Berlin. Just as all of their inks (including silver, silver transparent, gold, and more to come), they have a range of other advantages: 1) nanoparticle free, 2) low-temperature curing, and 3) high layer purity. Therefore, applications in the biosensor, medical and, more generally, printed flexible electronics market are in focus.

Join us, 77 other exhibitors, 68 speakers and over 600 participants in Berlin (17-18 OCT 2023) to RESHAPE the Future of Electronics, making it Additive, Sustainable, Hybrid, Wearable, and 3D. Explore the programme now


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