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R2R Printed Carbon Nanotube TFT Sheets

Speaker: Patrick Malenfant | Company: National Research Council Canada (NRCC) | Date: 10-11 March 2021 | Full Presentation

This presentation covers our progress in high purity semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotube (sc-SWCNT) enrichment and transistor fabrication via solution based processes. I will highlight our recent progress in understanding sc-SWCNT enrichment using conjugated polymers (isolation of high purity sc-SWCNT), with special consideration given to the effects of solvent parameters and doping on the yield/purity of the final product. Fully printed transistors combining R2R gravure and inkjet-printing will be described as well as our recent progress in realizing “limitless” R2R gravure printed TFT backplanes capable of driving an e-paper display.

Patrick R. L. Malenfant*(1), Jianfu Ding(1), Jianying Ouyang(1), Zhao Li(1), Chang Guo(1), Jacques Lefebvre(1), Paul Finnie(1), Francois Lapointe(1), Gyoujin Cho(2)

(1)National Research Council Canada, 1200 Montreal Road, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0R6, Canada.

(2)Dept. of Biophysics, Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), South Korea

Patrick Malenfant

Director of Research Development @ National Research Council Canada (NRCC)


Dr. Patrick Malenfant studied chemistry at the University of Ottawa (BSc 1995), Cornell University (MSc 1997), and the University of California - Berkeley (PhD 2000). He has 10 years of industrial R&D experience including a one year postdoc at IBM's TJ Watson Research Center and 9 years at the GE Global Research Center where he developed nanomaterials for Aerospace, Healthcare, and Organic Electronics applications. He joined the National Research Council of Canada in 2010 as a Senior Research Officer. He is currently the Director of R&D in the Security and Disruptive Technologies Research Center overseeing activities in Quantum Science, Printed Electronics and Structural Materials.

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