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Remote Contactless Vital Sign Monitoring Using Sub-THz Radar & Advanced Algorithms

Speaker: Shimon Steinberger | Company: Neteera | Date: 13-14 October 2021 | Full Presentation

Neteera has designed and developed a contactless vital-signs monitoring product capable of detecting a variety of physiological parameters (Hear Rate, Hear Rate Variability, Respiration Rate, Respiration Depth, Inhale/Exhale ratio, Sleep Apnea, etc.), based on an on-chip sub-THz (116-123 GHz) micro-radar and advanced signal processing and AI algorithms. The Vital Sign parameters are monitored continuously and presented in real time on a monitor and/or stored in the cloud for offline analysis. The Product is targeted to both Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) at home, Elderly care monitoring, Chronic diseases patients, relevant Hospital wards, etc.

Neteera’s novel micro radar-based solution enables measuring only the micro-motions of the skin (BCG-Ballistocardiograph) remotely, in real-time, non-invasive, and non-contact manner, through non-metallic materials such as furniture and clothing at a high resolution.

Neteera 130H product is based on the following key elements:

1. High-frequency (116-123 GHz), micro-radar on chip (with an on-package antenna).

2. Vital sign monitor algorithms, based on proprietary signal processing algorithms, that are designed to track the relevant vital signs metrics.

3. Cloud Cluster for data collection (including raw, processed, reference) and analysis.

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