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Smart and Smarter, with Additive Manufacturing Solution,Beyond Simple Sustainable RFID antenna/inlay

S&S’s DOP, Direct On Paper is a sustainable paper RFID antenna solution which is both plastic-free and avoids chemical etching process. A HF loop antenna can be printed directly onto standard graphic printing paper with DOP solution.

More than 10 years ago, PragmatIC created a new type of integrated circuit (IC) called FlexICs, that are thin, flexible and ultra-low cost, aimed at connecting for trillions of smart objects. Today, PragmatIC comes to another milestone, smartphones are able to work with NFC FlexIC that can be embedded into high volume everyday items.

NFC FlexICs can be assembled with etched Aluminium loop antenna by providing the connection bridge across the two ends of the loop antenna. In our process concept, we use FlexIC's unique thin and flexible product characteristics (vs rigid silicon IC) with DOP's ultra-thin HF antenna loop. The benefits of this process concept are the material, process and resource saving during antenna production. By using a single loop antenna and eliminating the connection bridge, we avoid an additional printing process or double-sided Aluminium antenna substrate.

A tiny natural resource saving in one inlay with NFC FlexIC for trillions of smart objects ... and beyond.

Join us and 77 others together in Berlin to RESHAPE the Future of Electronics, making it Additive, R2R, Sustainable, Hybrid, Wearable, and 3D. Explore the programme now


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