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Soft Boundaries in Human Machine Interfaces

Speaker: Mike Hopkins | Company: LiquidWire | Date: 12-13 October 2022 | Full Presentation

User interfaces with machines have long relied on tactile feedback to give crucial information to users. Whether pressure felt through a steering wheel or a clear detent on a pushbutton, people intuitively rely on this type of embodied information to communicate the state of the system under control. As machines incorporate more robotic elements this tactile feedback will need to become a 2 way street. Textiles, which are the only artificial technology human beings tolerate being in constant close physical contact with, provide an ideal platform for both sensing and active haptic communication between robots and the people who they serve. Incorporating smart textiles into apparel and active upholstery such as anti-bed sore platforms will pave the way for advanced soft robotics that can operate comfortably in close contact with people.

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