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SOLAIRES raising USD $2.1 million for their solar energy revolution

Victoria, B.C. (February 2022): Solaires Entreprises Inc (Solaires), a Canadian cleantech startup based in Victoria BC, is raising USD 2.1 million in pre-seed funding at a pre-money valuation of USD 9 million. Investors and recognized angel groups in British Columbia, such as eFund, Cindicates, and Keiretsu forum members are participating in this round.

“We have developed a solution that will enable innovative solar energy applications to revolutionize solar energy harvesting. We are currently in advanced discussions with key partners for this product as they are interested in Solaires’ vitally important work in accelerating our transition to a low-carbon economy”, said Chief Development Officer, Ernest Daddey.

The proceeds from the pre-seed round will be directed towards purchasing materials and equipment to ramp up the production capabilities of the company and scale up their product sales of Solar Ink™. “We are very grateful for the continued support we receive from our partners, our communities, and our investors. Our progress in the pre-seed raise and product launch has demonstrated that we have an excellent team and proven technology. Now onwards, we will be ramping up production and delivery to start order fulfilment,” said CEO & Co-founder, Fabian de la Fuente.

About Solaires Entreprises Inc.:

Solaires Entreprises Inc. is a Canadian cleantech company located in Victoria, focused on developing the next generation of solar cells by replacing silicon with perovskite through an innovative and sustainable manufacturing process resulting in affordable solar photovoltaics with higher energy conversion efficiency and higher stability. Solaires’ business model includes the sale of their product, Solar Ink™, and the licensing of their perovskite solar cell technology manufacturing process to selected roll to roll coaters, solar cell manufacturers, and OEMs. Solaires focuses its team of scientists on developing new and innovative patents relevant to the photovoltaic industry.

Solaires Press Release
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