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Stretchable silicone-based medical devices with AgCl fillers?

In general, silicone based conductive pastes are rare and the versions with AgCl fillers- needed for many medical wearable applications- are even rarer! David Dewey from FUJIKURA KASEI Co Ltd unveiled this paste for the first time in June at TechBlick. The pastes can offer 1-10 E-4 ohm/sqr when cured at 150C for 30min or so on substrates such as PET or silicone sheet. These inks are compatible with other silicone-based (insulator, adhesive, etc) out of Fujikura's portfolio, enabling one to print complex multi-layer medical wearable devices on stretchable substrates like silicone!

To learn more visit or join the industry in Eindhoven on 12-13 OCT 2022


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