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TechBlick announces an event on Digital and/or 3D Additive Manufacturing

TechBlick, the leading platform for emerging technologies, is hosting a live, virtual event on all the technology and applications aspects of digital and 3D additive manufacturing electronics. The event takes place on 29 & 30 March on the TechBlick platform (

It is a unique curated event covering the full spectrum of manufacturing technologies, frontier innovations, and existing and emerging applications from around the world. The event uniquely brings together material suppliers, technology developers, equipment manufacturers, and OEMs.

On the technology front it will cover all the key technologies of the present and future including inkjet, microdispensing, direct wiring, direct plating, aerosol, jetting and spraying, aerosol, electrohydrodynamic printing, laser induced forward transfer, etc. The technology will be covered for both flat 2D, 2.5, and even free form 3D printing on complex 3D objects.

The agenda will cover printing of all manners of functional materials including conductive materials, ceramics, quantum dots, OLEDs, high--frequency insulators, PEDOT, organic semiconductor, solder resist, high viscosity pastes, and many more. On the application side we seek to cover most key existing and emerging applications including photovoltaics, mmWave devices, OLEDs, QD-OLED, QLEDs, photodetectors and LEDs, quantum dots, antennas, functional 3D devices, circuits, PCBs, EMI shielding, semiconductor packaging, microLEDs, batteries, and beyond.

Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, CEO of TechBlick said "This conference focuses also on advancing the art, addressing long-standing technical limitations and pushing forward manufacturing technologies".

This event is part of our curated online and onsite conference and exhibition series covering all aspects of printed, flexible, hybrid, textile, wearable, stretchable, and soft electronics.

Our next onsite event will be in Berlin on 17-18 October 2023 where we expect +600 attendees and 72 exhibitors. You can see some preliminary information here. This is the event where the global printed electronics industry meets and where all the key ideas take shape.


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