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The advantages of using thin silver films as electrodes for printed sensors

Speaker: Pierrick Plantevin | Company: Jet Metal Technologies | Date: 12-13 October 2022 | Full Presentation

While the use of conductive inks is widely spread for electrodes manufacturing, in some cases it shows limitations regarding general performances and reliability. Thus, recent developments on technologies that are able of delivering reliable R2R thin film metal coating led to consider their use for printed electronics and more specifically for manufacturing various sensors electrodes.

The primary reason is the high demanding nature of a sensor that implies having good performances in terms of sensitivity, range of measurements, as well as stability over time. Pure silver offers highest electrical conductivity and, along with an extremely low roughness surface condition, this leads to a significant increase in both sensor dynamic range and yield compared to traditional conductive inks. Thin film electrode shows also better temperature stability and overall aging capabilities that extend the operating conditions of the sensor.

The metallic deposit is - by nature - not subject to any compatibility issues with sensing elements thus allowing the manufacturing of all kinds of sensors. A combination of thin film electrodes interconnected via printed conductive ink can be considered, improving the integration of this sensors within more complex systems. Finally, as for the environmental aspect, relying on thin thicknesses of metal ensures a very low material consumption and a final product that can be easily recycled.

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