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The formation of an IMC layer between the solder alloy & printed conductive copprint's paste

Additive Manufacturing of Electronics requires good soldering and is enabled with Copprint’s conductive copper inks, as demonstrated by the formation of an IMC layer (Inter Metallic Compound). This layer is formed during reflow between the solder alloy and printed conductive copper paste and is the index of good soldering.

Full process details:

  1. Print copper traces on FR4 substrate with Copprint copper pastes.

  2. Soldering process – can be done even one week after sintering.

    1. Print off-the-shelf solder paste. (The most recommended paste is Henkel Loctite LF-318).

    2. Component placement.

    3. Standard reflow process.

Die shear tests after the process indicated >3Kgf for 1206 SMD resistor soldered on Copprint’s LF360 with SAC305 Loctite LF-318.

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