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The trend toward miniaturization and functional integration in the electronic industry is unbeaten

Speaker: Nouhad Bachnak | Company: Sunway Communications | Date: 9-10 March 2022 | Full Presentation

Functional integration requires more and more interconnects to be realized in smallest space. 3D-MID offers solutions meeting both interconnect and space requirements.

The 3D-MID technology is currently in a phase of transformation; it just makes the jump from the usual conductor track widths of 100 to 200 micro-meters in the direction of 10 to 20 micro-meters. 100 to 10 isn’t an improvement, that’s a giant leap. This leap will allow to use 3D-MID on Chip- and IC-Substrate level for mass production and at lower costs.

The current status and new developments of 3D-MID technology at Sunway Communication will be shown in this presentation"

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