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Total Solution for Mass Production of MicroLED Displays | Toray Engineering

How can equipment manufacturers innovate to meet current and future needs of microLED production? You can join us on 29-30 NOV 2023 at where Katsumi Araki from Toray Engineering Co., Ltd. will present how they are addressing some of these challenges including

1] Handling of ever smaller microLED die with a stable process: as you can see in slide #2, dies size have shrunk and will continue to do so. To give a sense of the transition consider that a traditional LED is >1mm wherea a microLED die can be less than 2um, a shrinkage of 500-1000 times! This require innovative equipment to handle, to transfer, to bond, to inspect, to repair, etc with near perfect yield

2] Efficient repair process: this is a vital challenge in the industry. To highlight the scale of the challenge, as shown in slide 2, consider a 4mm smart watch. This watch will include 500,000 microLED chips. Thus, a 1% defect will translate into 5000 repair tasks, which would take 7 hours with a standard pick-and-place machine. Or consider a 4k TV. This would have 25M chips and thus at 1% defect rate 250000 chips would need to be repaired, translating to 347 hours with a conventional pick-and-place machine

3] Minimizing image discoloration: when mass transfer is performed using the conventional method (e.g., stamp), uneven brightness and wavelenght are transferred as they. This will need to be addressed

In slide [3] you can see the entire process chain from LED chip manufacutring to wafer inspection to 1st repair to mass transfer to bonding to inspection to 2nd repair and beyond, showing also where Toray Engineering is innovating

Join us on 29-30 NOV 2024 at MicroLED Connect to hear the latest from innovative players in microLEDs and quantum dots from around the world. The speakers include VueReal, Toray Engineering, eLux, Lextar, GE Research, Mikro Mesa, Q-Pixel, Delo, Mojo, Yole and many others

Explore the full agenda here

MicroLED Connect is a joint offering by TechBlick and MicroLED-Info, offering the first-ever MicroLED focused series of onsite and online conferences and exhibition.


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