We are recruiting bloggers and vbloggers

We are looking for articulate people who are passionate about technology and content creation. As part of this role, you will be speaking with many innovative companies and researchers worldwide. You will develop a fantastic network of contacts and will always be learning some new and exciting. There will not be a single boring day in this freelancer role. You can also work from anywhere and your hours will be totally flexible!

Our target is to develop an exciting technical blog (video as well as written content) on select emerging technologies including (1) advanced materials and (2) printed, hybrid, inmold and textile electronics. Your tasks will be as follows:

  • Compose succient blog entries about the latest innovations and market developments

  • Obtain primary as well as secondary content from the key players in the industry worldwide including start ups, researchers, manufacturers and OEMs.

  • Organize, conduct, and record fun and informative video interviews with innovative players in the value chain

You background could include some or all of the below

  • Masters or PhD student or graduate in a technical field

  • Journalist, writer, professional blogger

You must be passionate about emerging technologies and be excited to interact with others in the field If you would like to learn more please write me on khasha@TechBlick.com or book a meeting here



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