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Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh



Khasha is the CEO of TechBlick, the home of the global emerging technology innovation community. Khasha oversees the curation of TechBlick's world-class year-around programme learning, training, and networking agenda for its 1000+ global members. He and his team scouts the technology landscape and the global ecosystem to curate best-in-class agendas. Prior to this, Khasha spent more than a decade leading a global analyst team focused on emerging technologies at IDTechEx. His major focus areas were (a) Printed, Flexible, Hybrid, Structural, Textile, and/or Wearable Electronics, and (2) Frontier or Advanced Materials especially electronic or display materials. He developed market-leading industry reports and supported numerous clients in consulting projects in Asia, Europe, and North America. Khasha is a regular presenter at leading conferences in his areas of expertise, delivering keynotes as well as masterclasses. Khasha completed his masters and PhD at the University of Cambridge and UCL, respectively. During his PhD, Khasha worked with Samsung (SAIT) to produce and characterize state-of-the-art amorphous metal oxide TFTs. His work was published in leading academic journals such as Nature, receiving more than 1000 citations.

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