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The Future of Screen Printing for Printed Electronics

12 May 2023
2pm - 6pm


Virtual Workshop

Discover the Future of Screen Printing at TechBlick's Exclusive Event

Join us for a unique workshop discussing the present and the future of screen printed electronics, the workhorse of the industry and the ever green technology that never ceases to improve.

We have designed this workshop bringing to you over 100 years of experience because we believe that screen printing remains the most important manufacturing technology in printed electronics. More importantly though because we believe that screen printing is a team sports where future advances are only possible through a close collaboration of all the key stakeholders. This is why this event is centred around discussions, networkings, and Q&As.


This essential gathering highlights the latest innovations in all aspects of screen printing in various applications and enables one-on-one speed networking with the participants from around the world.  

Crucially, this event brings you a panel of industry experience with a combined experience level in excess of 100 years in the industry. This will be a fantastic opportunity to discuss challenges, opportunities and solutions in the industry.

This workshop is co-located togher with our panel on In-Mold Electronics. You can learn more about this panel here. The agenda and timing below show the combined agenda. 

Industry Survey + Discount: To guide us to ask the most pressing industry questions, we invite you to fill out this brief survery and reserve your seat.  As a thank you, we will offer you a 200 Euro discount coupon

Outline of the Programme (detailed agenda can be found below)

InMold Electronics (IME) Panel: As part of the combined programme, first there will be a panel discussion on IME or InMold Electronics. More detailed can be found here. The panelists include Pröll GmbH, Covestro, Panacol, MacDermid, and TactoTek, representing various aspects of the IME technology. 

State-of-the-Art Talks: Discover advances in screen printing in various applications. Speakers thus far include

  • Peter Wolf from Suzhou Maxwell Technologies Co., Ltd. outlining the latest developments in screen printing in photovoltaics (PERC, HJT and IBC PVs)

  • Peter Ersman from RISE Research Institute of Sweden

  • Daniel Gilsdorf from SEFAR will outline innovations in screen making technologies, especially to support fineline screen printing.

Speed Networking Session: Meet and engage with industry players through a series of private 5-minute video calls, expanding your network globally from the comfort of your desk.

Expert Panel, Live Q&A, and Interaction: Curated by Mr. Fernando Zicarelli, this distinguished panel brings together world-class experts in screen printing for an interactive and insightful discussion.

The panelists bring a combined industry experience of more than 100 years. They include:

  • Ron Hayden from RH Solutions LLC with a focus on Screen Printing and Auxiliary Equipment

  • David Eisenbeiss from Kissel + Wolf Group with a focus on emulsion Technology, including the latest Laser Imaging developments

  • Fernando Zicarelli from Fernando's Consulting (formerly at Asada Mesh) with a focus on Mesh Technology and Tooling

  • Erika Rebrosova from Sun Chemical with a focus on functional ink technology  

  • Julie Ferrigno from e2ip focusing on on applications for fineline screen printing

Each panelist will provide a 7-minute overview of their expertise, current state-of-the-art technology, and future developments. 

This is followed by a panel discussion about the toughest challenges for the technology. The audience will have a chance to ask the panellist targeted questions related to the challenges faced in their own areas.

There will also be an open discussion about the future challenges facing the industry. The aim of the meeting is open discussion and active engagement facilitated by our experts.

Some of the topics which will be addressed include

  1. What feature sizes is the Printed Electronics Industry looking to achieve? We will circulate a survery in advance for this purpose

  2. What sizes could be achieved in Mass production with the current Screen, Paste, Substrate and Equipment?

  3. Is LIT (Laser Imaging Technology) the future of Screen Manufacturing Technology?  What are the current capabilities?

  4. What type of Printing Equipment is necessary for Materials testing (Substrate and Pastes)?  How about a pilot line?

  5. Should there be more studies done about the interactions between Substrate and Paste?

  6. Should the focus of Paste Technology move towards Copper or Carbon Inks?  Paper or Bio-plastic materials?

  7. How do we train the future generations?  Is Academia willing to help with this issue?  Private Companies?

Finally, an open discussion will address the future challenges and opportunities facing the industry. The goal of this meeting is to encourage open dialogue and active engagement, facilitated by our distinguished experts.

Do NOT miss this chance to participate in this event. This is the place to learn and together advance screen printing further. 

Leading global speakers include:
Pröll GmbH
Panacol-Elosol GmbH
Sun Chemical Corp
Suzhou Maxwell Technologies
MacDermid Alpha
RISE Research Institute of Sweden
Kissel + Kiwo Group
RH Solutions LLC

Full Agenda

The times below is Central European Times (CET).

Track 1
Track 2
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