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Copper Inks Usage, Formulations and Applications

Copper Inks Usage, Formulations and Applications
Ofer Shochet



Copper Inks Usage, Formulations and Applications

There has been a long-term desire and development to replace the well-established silver paste and ink technology. The copper technology is finally reaching a maturity point where long-standing issues are resolved, and the technology is gaining market acceptance. In this class, you will learn about various copper inks on the market, and the pros and cons of each approach, including conductivity, reliability, and curing techniques. You will learn about practical techniques and tips for applying and adopting copper inks, even in existing lines. You will learn important insights about scale up of copper ink production. Finally, you will learn about a large array of applications in which copper inks deliver value together with supporting data. These applications range from wafer-based PV to RFID to aluminium based LED boards and beyond

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